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Moving your data center or office is far more challenging and complex than moving your house. This is due to the reason that critical information is at great risk at every part of the move, which can open doors to data breaches in your company. If the office move is not handled correctly, there is a great possibility that your business might deal with overwhelming consequences.


Make sure that you're working with professional movers that comply with both state and federal records management laws. Such companies can help in moving your office with the use of their secure procedures while limiting liabilities and risks of data breach. Even with the assistance provided by these movers, still there are important steps that you should do in order to make sure that your business and several other sensitive data won't be breached. 


Number 1. Choose a project manager - having a team member who will supervise the entire move will be critical throughout the relocation of your office. Such individual should be knowledgeable and experienced and can help with preplanning process, manage any relocation issues that may arise and coordinate with office mover. Go to for more info. 


Number 2. Eliminate obsolete office and technology items - as much as possible, avoid moving equipment, office furniture and old technology that has no use to your new location. In this case, go through your office and look for any unwanted networking equipment, printers, computers, phones, copiers and furniture that could be donated or destroyed. Fortunately, your office moving company has disposal service that can help in removing and disposing these items on your behalf.


Number 3. Use a secure chain of custody - your confidential customer, business, vendor as well as employee data has to be moved smartly and safely. With this, having a secure chain of custody will ensure that all paper files and documents in your office will be relocated without the risks of breaching the data. To be certain that the entire move is going to be as efficient as possible, professional office moving company will be using industry leading chain of custody protocols all throughout the process. And these procedures are going to include moving all of these records with gondolas wrapped in plastic with security seals and then give authority to cut the seal to just one person.


Number 4. Wisely store old records - actually, old records are at high risk for breaches because companies are giving less attention on protecting unwanted or outdated records. On the other hand, your business can be put at great risk if any record that contains company information or customer data falls into wrong hands. Your best possible option here is to work with professional office moving company that can help to safely store and move these documents. Check out to get started.